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    7-IBB RCA wear testing machine

    Product Numbers: 20133294653

    Price: US $0

    Product description:7-IBB RCA tape machine tape abrasion machine RCA wear testing machine


    R.C.A. tape friction tester code No.: 7-IBB


    The 1 scroll unoiled paper or tape and sample attrition in certain rotation number wear-resistant coating layer effect of consumption view

    Test load of 2 standard is 175g ( weight loss weight did not join the lever ), weight loss weight of two, test load can be reduced to 175g, in order to apply the materials in different test conditions or soft.

    3 samples of two kinds of fixed mode selection

    4 supplementary lamp magnifier to see

    5 counter: rotary counter, LED counter ( can be set number )

    Standard accessories:

    Tool set, a magnifying glass, a test load is reduced to 55g by weight of a, test load reduced to 175g by weight of a generic type, fixed a, O ring three

    Annex: roll in x 1

    The United States of America Norman ToolRCA tape friction test machine is suitable for wearable mobile phone P.D.A laptop computer and all kinds of surface coating product consumption test, the effect of distinguishing the abrasion of the scroll unoiled paper or tape and sample attrition in certain rotation number.

    RCA tape machine /RCA wear machine /RCA wear testing machine /RCA tape friction test machine


    Product application:

    Suitable for plastic surface coating abrasion resistance testing, used for mobile phone keys, mobile phone shell, MP3 printing, CD player, portable computer, PDA, electrical appliances and other products.

    Standard: ASTM F2357-04

    Combined with the Taber wear machine and DIN standard scrubbing-resistance test machine, surface coating friction characteristics can get comprehensive evaluation, has become the various plastic coated surface friction performance testing of the most widely used instrument.

    The principle of the product:

    The testing machine with special tape as friction medium, with loading fixed on the friction head, the friction head through the roller and constant speed motor fixed diameter drive rotary tape will force applied on the specimen surface continuously, until see surface substrates or to wear specific, through the motor rotary counter display to evaluate the sample antifriction performance.

    Technical parameters

    1, 55g, 175g, 275g load of three options to choose, suitable for different soft materials and different test conditions. ( Note: standard test load is 175g ( weight loss weight did not join the lever ), with a weight loss weight, test load can be reduced to 175g )

    2, there are two kinds of fixed mode selection, suitable for flat or 3D samples.

    3, with light magnifier to see wear results.

    4, counting method:

    7-IBB: rotary mechanical counter

    7-IBB-CC: digital counter ( Lcd display, 0-999999 can set the rotation number )

    Weight: host 20KG

    Power supply: 50/60Hz, 5A, 220V, or specify a single,

    Size: 890 ( L ) X 485 ( W ) X 410 ( H ) mm

    Standard configuration:

    Surface roughness meter ( containing a magnetic seat ), tool set, lamp type magnifier is a test load, reduced to 175g a, dust cover, a sample holder, 3D a, O type ring three, six angle wrench set, tape reel, attached preservation barrel roll 1 ( containing test paper 10 volumes )

    Matters needing attention:

    The same samples in different media under the friction test, rotation number obtained can have very big difference, using the specific tape is the key to ensure the reliability of test data. Out of the box after use should take measures to ensure a good state of the test paper tape.

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