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    ST652 Infrared Thermometer

    Product Numbers: 201334101125

    Price: US $0

    Product description:The non-contact precision temperature measurement, built-in laser sight Automatic Data Hold and automatically shut down (shut down automatically after 15 seconds) Distance and target size than for D: S = 12:1 White backlit LCD display

    Infrared Thermometer

    Noncontact measuring.
    Inside laser aimer.
    White backlight LCD.
    Auto-data hold and auto-turn off (Auto turn
    off after 15sec. when release the button).
    A great many of emissivity symbol.
    Use abroad: can used for food, safety-inspect,
    fire inspect, power vehicle and diesel engine,
    plastic factory etc.
    Can select ℃/℉.
    Resolution: 0.2℃(0.4℉)
    Measuring range: -25~600℃(-13~1,112℉)
    Response time: 0.5sec
    Spectral response: 8~14μm
    Emissivity: 0.99/0.95/0.89/0.85/0.79/0.75
    Battery: one 9V battery
    Measuring precision: -25~600℃, ±(1.5%+1℃)         -13~1,112℉, ±(1.5%+1℉)
    Ambient operating range: -10~40℃(14~104℉)
    Relative humidity: 10~80%RH

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