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    523Li police alcohol tester

    Product Numbers: 20133492740

    Price: US $0

    Product description:Fertile 523Li police alcohol detector active testing, passive testing, rapid tests, simple operation, to protect the safety of users, energy-saving design, low power consumption, high performance and long-term stability, easy color samples, use of health

    Fertile ground 523Li technical parameters

    1. The screen display: large screen backlit high-definition display.
    2. Test mode: with active testing, passive testing and qualitative test three models.
    3. Instrument recording function: recording device records including test time, test results, instrument model, license, driver's license number, and reserve position with measured and operator signature.
    14. Look up and print history function: the device can always read and print any historical testing records to facilitate the work of data collection.
    15. Print functions: wireless transmission function, using dot matrix printer, the writing can be permanently saved.
    16. The low-voltage alarm function: When the instrument voltage is lower than the predetermined lower limit, with automatic alarm functions.
    17. Of units: mg/100mL mg / L, ‰.
    18. ★ breath sampling ports: S or D-type ways can be sampled.
    19. Blowpipe: health security is a one-time anti-reverse absorption features sampling blowpipe.
    20. Exhaled breath alcohol content tester "GB/T21254-2007 national standard;

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