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    UV germicidal lamp to use in the tank
    Date:2013/11/1 16:12:05
    UV germicidal lamp to use in the tank
    UV germicidal lamp , also known as UV germicidal lamp , UV germicidal lamp applications is very broad , which one is the UV lamp used in the tank .

    UV germicidal lamp is a very environmentally friendly fish farming equipment, can effectively kill 99% of bacteria in water , while inhibiting the growth of algae play a role, it is equivalent to the treatment effect ozone machine , but no ozone treatment more perfect . It is the biggest difference lies in ozone machine , " an indirect effect , a direct effect," these two things in home fish is very convenient and practical , efficient and environmentally friendly .

    However, UV germicidal lamp is a radiation principle , so it must not be used directly on fish , grass and the human body irradiation , or make fish produce lesions or mutagenesis results are the same for the people , and for the people the most amazing places that might make you get skin cancer.

    UV lamp used for fish are generally obtained with the use of the filter , are generally connected to the filter inlet or the outlet track was used for the water passing through it for radiation sterilization , it is the process of an indirect nature , while most of them are parasitic on nitrifying bacteria cultured in bed , glasses, etc. , so it will not pose a direct threat to nitrifying bacteria and kill, you can rest assured that use .

    General aquarium with a 11W ( refers UV lamp power , excluding pump ) on it , about 5 hours per day , with a UV germicidal lamp can effectively control the growth of algae , but in order to get a good ecological environment, have to rely on well-tended daily , weekly 5S is necessary , so that you can keep a beautiful fish .
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