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    Care and maintenance of pneumatic tools!
    Date:2013/9/10 15:16:29
    Confucius said: " We must first sharpen his tools" to complete the processing and assembly task , we must first use the appropriate tool for their own good . But pneumatic tools can not just use it, rather than to maintenance it , then it will reduce the service life , so to talk about the care and maintenance of pneumatic tools
    1 - Safety specifications
    When using pneumatic tools , be sure to read the accompanying manual to understand the entire contents of the future , we can no longer work the occasion to use pneumatic tools, and in accordance with the instruction manual strictly enforced.
    2 Precautions
    ( 1 ) Never point the tool at yourself or others.
    ( 2 ) Do not let the air pipes from impact and damage.
    ( 3 ) replacement of parts and tools pneumatic tools when you're removed from the air at source .
    ( 4 ) operation , please wear overalls , please do not wear loose clothing to avoid being involved in moving parts and cause danger.
    ( 5 ) operation possible wear safety goggles and masks to protect their own safety .
    ( 6 ) In the high-pressure gas source and pneumatic tools to connect , do not use it in the absence of the press .
    ( 7 ) Loose parts may be dangerous to you , please feel free to ensure safety.
    ( 8 ) Use the dedicated parts replacement of worn parts.
    ( 9 ) Tighten all screws before use to determine the safety of equipment .
    3 . Maintenance issues
    ( 1 ) requires the use of pneumatic tools required before and after lubrication.
    ( 2 ) air motor lubrication every day , but do not lubricated too many times .
    ( 3 ) Do not dismantle without disassembly repair parts.
    ( 4 ) Be careful when dismantling to avoid parts damage .
    ( 5 demolition tools when kept clean to avoid debris entering .
    4 Letter to matters
    1 before lubricating the tool Unplug from the high-pressure zone air source .
    ( 1 ) Disconnect the tool from the high-pressure zone .
    ( 2 ) while pressing the trigger from the inlet header added 3 ~ 5c.c pneumatic tools for oil. Connect the tool high pressure air source , and in the vent hood rag or towel . Start the tool , is to reverse the 20 to 30 seconds , when the high-pressure gas connected to the operation, the oil discharged from the rear vent .

    (2) the impact of aircraft set of partial lubrication ( grease )
    Shock Rack pack should make one every week lubrication and maintenance .
    ( 1 ) Disconnect the tool from the air line .
    ( 2 ) removal of the front cover screws ( or directly to release the front cover ) will stand inside the front cover and the impact on the remaining butter Wash group .
    ( 3 ) the impact on the coated frame set amount of butter, and then lock the front cover.
    ( 4 ) connected to the pneumatic tube , gently start trigger idling 20 to 30 seconds for the entire impact of grease lubrication unit
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