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    How to classify the color of light?
    Date:2013/7/29 22:54:48
    The effect of light: photosynthesis, photodynamic therapy, photocatalysis, optical transmission function, the light pyrolysis, light-curing effect, photocatalysis, light protection, phototoxic effect, light inactivation, photoreactivation, light promotion effect, the developing action of light, optical whitening effect, photo-oxidation, light activation, the light stabilizing effect, such as light inhibition.
    Far infrared red light: 1300nm - 870nm -
    Not visible 850nm - 810nm - hardly visible
    Near-infrared light: 780nm - when direct observation can see a very dim
    Cherry red light 770nm - when can see a direct observation
    Deep cherry red light 740nm -
    Deep cherry red light 700nm -
    Dark red 660nm -
    Red 645nm -
    Bright red 630nm - 620nm -
    Orange 615nm -
    Red-orange shade 610nm -
    Orange 605nm -
    Amber 590nm -
    "Sodium" yellow 585nm -
    Yellow 575nm -
    Lemon yellow / light green 570nm -
    Cyan, green 565nm -
    Green 555nm - 550nm -
    Fresh green 525nm -
    Pure green 505nm -
    Green / blue-green 500nm -
    Greenish blue 495nm -
    Sky Blue 475nm -
    Sky blue 470nm - 460nm-
    Bright blue 450nm -
    Pure Blue 444nm -
    Deep blue 430nm -
    Ultraviolet light is almost invisible, by showing wood glass filter is a dark purple.
    Blue-violet 405nm -
    Pure Purple 400nm -
    Deep Purple 395nm -
    Reddish purple 370nm -
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